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Diagnostic Headings (i.e. specimen & procedure)

Diagnostic    Headings

CPT  Code

Bone, left ____ , core biopsy:  

Bone, right ____ , excisional biopsy:  

Left / Right forearm, amputation:   

Left / Right foot/hand, amputation:  

Left / Right leg, below/above-the-knee amputation:   

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This section is a synoptic list of diagnostic wordings for the most commonly rendered diagnoses in this organ / system. For details and more, go to the specific category sections below.

General / Common Abnormalities of the Bone:     

-- Fragments of non-viable bone, old hemorrhage and fibrosis consistent with recent fracture

-- Enchondroma, fragmented (see Note).  No osteogenic component is present in this specimen.

-- Osteochondroma. Normal cellular bone marrow with trilineage maturation

General / Common Abnormalities of the joint:     

-- Moderate degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)

--  Gangrene with open ulcers and occlusive atherosclerotic vasculopathy with dystrophic calcification (posterior tibial artery).

-- Multiple lobular deposits of monosodium urate (gout) with peripheral multinucleated giant cell reaction (see note)

-- Chondrocalcinosis (calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate disease/pseudogout) and associated multinucleated giant cell reaction.


Bone Lesions

Cartilage Lesions

Extremities (Gangrene and Other Benign Lesions)

Synovial & Periarticular Lesions 

Spine Lesions

Suckerfish Dropdowns - One Level Bones

Suckerfish Dropdowns - One Level Bones

Suckerfish Dropdowns - One Level Bones

Suckerfish Dropdowns - One Level Bones

Suckerfish Dropdowns - One Level Bones

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