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General Guidelines

  1. Correct and consistent format:  The pathology diagnosis should be listed under “diagnosis” section of a pathology report.  It should consist at least of 2 major componentsdiagnostic heading and the actual diagnosis.  The diagnostic heading should include type of specimen, location, and procedure.  Examples are given below:

“Uterine cervix, 12 oclock position, biopsy”

“Intervertebral disc, C4-L1, laminectomy”

“Allograft liver, core needle biopsy (3 weeks post transplantation)”

  1. Diagnosis and key features of the entity:  Several key data elements of a pathology diagnosis should be included whenever applicable depending on the nature of the case and the type of specimen examined:

For neoplastic lesions:  Type of the tumor, degree of differentiation or grade, the extent of the tumor, invasion (including angiolymphatic invasion), and margins (for resection specimen).  Two examples are given below:

“Prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleasons score 6 (3+3), present in 1 of 3 biopsy cores, with a maximal single contiguous tumor line length of 0.8cm, with focal perineural invasion.”

“Invasive mammary ductal carcinoma, moderately differentiated, intermediate nuclear grade, present in 3 of 5 fragments of specimen, with a single maximal contiguous tumor line length of 1.1cm, no definite angiolymphatic invasion identified in this biopsy.”

For non-neoplastic lesions:  The diagnosis should also include 5 key elements which are:  key diagnosis, severity, extent, etiology, and margins, if applicable.  Two examples are shown below:

Sigmoid colon, segmental colectomy:

-- Severe acute ischemic colitis,  involving mid one-third of the colon, with transmural necrosis and focal perforation, secondary to thrombotic arteriopathy of the mesenteric artery. 

-- The resection margins are free of ischemia or inflammation.

  1. Additional comment or note:  Sometime it is difficult to be sure that the readers (clinicians) will correctly understand the diagnosis.  A note or comment could be very helpful to clarify potential confusion or misunderstanding of the initial diagnosis and to document related aspects in the patients care.

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