e-Manual for Specimen Gross Examination in Surgical Pathology (4th Ed)

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Key Elements to Observe  (MICROPALMS)

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There is nothing more dangerous than a man with a sharp knife but with no idea what he's doing.

Key Elements to Observe  ("MICROPALMS")                

M atch specimen label with requisition form

I dentify specimen by its label

C linical information

R equest of the clinician

O rientation of the specimen

P arts or portion of the specimen

A ppearance of the specimen and lesion

L esion, location and extent

M argins of the specimen

S ampling and sections

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Match specimen label with requisition form

Identify specimen by its label

Clinical information

Request of the clinician

Orientation of the specimen

Parts or portion of the specimen

Appearance of the specimen and lesion

Lesion, its location and extent

Margins of the specimen

Sampling and sections

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