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Simple, easy and cost-effective tools / methods to enhance your productivity

The value of a tool or technology is not determined by its cost or complexity but, instead, by the magnitude of the problem it can solve. If a $10 tool can solve a problem that otherwise costs $1 million, then it is worth $1,000,000!

Subsections are under construction !!

Photography & Image

-- Create images: screen capture, gross photography system set-up,

-- Simple editing of images: re-size, change formats, label overlay

-- Make images searchable by file name, keywords, formats and similarity

Speech and Audio

-- Text-to-speech

-- Speech recognition (data-driven)

-- Audio editing


-- Measure without a ruler, accurately !

-- Derive % of positive cells by formula, not by "eye-balling"

-- Essence of microscopic photography

Create lecture presentation -- good and fast!

-- Import multiple images in size and locale that you want -- NOT one-by-one!

-- Tips in creating and using template -- Save a lot of time and tedious work

-- Directly convert PowerPoint presentation into a video.

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