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Tumor Synoptic Reporting (V-5)


Helps prepare the tumor reports with great efficiency, consistency and compliance since 2005. 

Improvement with each new version: up-to-date, simple to use, easy to access ...  


Main Information Resources for Structured Tumor Reporting in Pathology


AJCC (8th ed.) Resource

AJCC (American Joint Commission on Cancer) provides informtation on its most current staging schema (AJCC 8th ed). 

CAP Checklists

CAP (College of American Pathologists) provides reporting checklists for reporting commonly encountered tumors.

RCPA Protocols

RCPA (The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia) provides protocols for reporting commonly encountered tumors. 

UK RCP Forms

RCP (The Royal College of Pathologists) of UK region develops its set of tumor-reporting forms and recommendation

Legacy Tumor-Reporting Systems (TRS)

Since 2005, three major versions and multiple updates of TRS have been created prior to the current version (TRS V-5), and are only listed as historical references.

       TRS-2003        TRS-2009        TRS-2014

Key References on Structured Tumor-Reporting

Reporting standards, recommendations, guidelines, and outcome studies of structured tumor reports.

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