Grading & Scoring Schema in Surgical Pathology

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Why  a grading and scoring system?

  • All disease (i.e. pathologic entities) have a quantitative nature (e.g. size of a tumor, severity of inflammation).
  • The quantitative attributes often determine the nature of the disease (i.e. diagnosis). For example, when mammary atypical ductal hyperplasia exceeds certain size, it "becomes" intraductal carcinoma.
  • Clinical management of a disease almost always influenced by its quantitative attributes.

Why have a web-based approach?

  • Managing a large number of grading / scoring schema in conventional book-note format is difficult .
  • It is time-consuming and inefficient to thumbing through different books / articles for a needed grading schema.
  • You notes of of schemas may likely be misplaced from time to time and / or outdated.
  • You may may need to access to the schemas from different places!

How should we quantify the disease with the grading system?

  • Adhere to the proposed morphologic criteria.
  • Be consistent.
  • Pay attention to technics - do right thing CORRECTLY!

How to use this Grading & Scoring system?

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  • On each Organ page, click on each subtitle to expand or collapse the content.
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