e-Manual for Specimen Gross Examination in Surgical Pathology (4th Ed)

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A - Z List of Grossing Procedures by Organ

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Aorta Resection

Artery: Atheromatous plaque


Bone Biopsy or curettings 

Bowel Resection for non-neoplastic condition

Bowel Resection for Tumor

Breast: General Comment

Breast: Frozen Section

Breast: Needle Core Biopsy 

Breast: Incisional Biopsy

Breast: Biopsy for microcalcifications

Breast: Biopsy/lumpectomy for Palpable Mass

Breast: Excision for Nipple Discharge or Intraductal Papilloma

Breast: Re-Excision for carcinoma

Breast: Mastectomy

Breast: Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

Breast: Partial Excision for Reduction mammoplasty

Breast: Implants

Cardiac Explant

Cardiac Valve, Native

Cardiac Valve, Prosthetic

Cervical Biopsy/endocervical Curettage

Cervical Conization / LEEP



Endometrial Biopsy or Products of Conception


External Ear Resection

Extremity Amputation for Non-neoplastic condition

Extremity Amputation for Osseous Tumor

Extremity Amputation for Soft Tissue Tumor

Eye Enucleation

Fetus & Embryo

Fallopian Tube (for Sterilization) 

Fallopian Tube (other than Sterilization)

Femoral Head Excision

Foreskin Circumcision

Gallbladder; Cholecystectomy

Gastrectomy for Tumor or Ulcer

Hernia Sac Herniorrhaphy

Hysterectomy for Benign Condition

Hysterectomy for Cervical Carcinoma

Hysterectomy for Endometrial Hyperplasia or Carcinoma

Intervertebral Disc

Kidney: Needle Biopsy

Kidney: Wedge Resection

Kidney: Nephrectomy for Non-Tumoral Condition

Kidney: Partial or Total Nephrectomy for Tumor (Adult)


Lip Wedge Excision

Liver: Needle Core or Small Wedge Biopsy

Liver: Partial Hepatectomy

Liver: Total Hepatectomy (Explant)

Lung: Transbronchial Biopsy

Lung Wedge Biopsy

Lung: Lobectomy or Pneumonectomy for Mass Lesion

Lung: Pneumonectomy for Condition other than Mass Lesion

Mucosal Biopsy from Gastrointestinal Tract



Myocardial Biopsy


Omentum Biopsy or Resection


Pancreas: Distal Pancreatectomy

Pancreas: Proximal Pancreatectomy (Whipple Procedure)

Pancreas: Total Pancreatectomy



Pediatric Nephrectomy for Tumor

Pediatric Colon Biopsy or Resection for Hirschsprung's  Disease

Pediatric solid Tumor Biopsy or Resection  


Penis Biopsy

Pericardial Biopsy or Resection

Pleural Biopsy or Decortication

Polypectomy from Gastrointestinal Tract

Prostate: Needle Core Biopsy

Prostate: Transurethral Resection (Prostatic Chips)

Prostate; Supra-pubic Prostatectomy

Prostate: Radical Prostatectomy

Radical Neck Dissection

Salivary Gland Resection

Skin Curettage

Skin Excisional Biopsy (method A)

Skin Excisional Biopsy (method B)

Skin Immunofluorescence Studies

Skin Punch Biopsy 

Skin Shave Biopsy 

Sinus Content Removal

Soft tissue Needle / Incisional Biopsy

Soft tissue Excisional Biopsy/Resection (Includes Lipoma)

Temporal Artery Biopsy

Testis: Orchiectomy *


Tongue: Glossectomy

Ureter: Segmental Resection

Urinary Bladder Biopsy

Urinary Bladder Cystectomy / Cystoprostatectomy

Urinary Bladder Transurethral Resection

Urinary Stones

Uterus & Adnexae *

Uterus: Hysterectomy for Benign Condition *

Uterus: Hysterectomy for Cervical Carcinoma *

Uterus: Myomectomy

Vagina: Biopsy or Resection

Vasectomy for Sterilization

Vulva: Biopsy or Vulvectomy

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